July 7, 2016

Legion Officers

Please take a moment and view our 2016-2017 board members.    All meetings take place on Monday nights at 7 pm.   The Auxiliary meetings are the 1st Monday’s of the month.   The Legionnaire meetings are the 2nd Monday’s of the month.   The SAL meetings are the 3rd Monday’s of the month.    The ALR meetings are the 4th Monday’s of the month.

Post 470 Officers  2017-2018

Commander – Kyle Fisher

1st Vice – Dan Jacobs
2nd Vice – Matt Rund
Finance Officer – Jim O’Meara
Adjutant – Patrick Blair
Sgt At Arms – Roger Henson
Service Officer – Gregg Greiner
Chaplain – Charles Warren
Historian – Tim Krisch
Judge Advocate – Michael “Cubby” Mills

2nd Monday – 7 pm

Sons Of The American Legion Officers  2017-2018

Commander – Rob Branson

1st Vice – Kevin Kinsey
2nd Vice – Chad Hoover
Finance Officer – Will Anderson
Adjutant – Patrick Blair
Sgt At Arms – Ken Menser
Chaplain – Scott Grimes
Historian – Dee Frasch
Judge Advocate – Mike Hibbs

3rd Monday – 7 pm

Auxiliary Officers  2017-2018

President – June Clark

1st Vice – Tammra Nation
2nd Vice – Lexi Russell
Treasurer – Beth Hamm
Secretary – Laurie Blair
Membership – Pam Darling
Chaplain – Jan Jacobs
Sargent At Arms – Valerie Henson
Historian – Lisa Pratt

1st Monday – 7 pm

ALR Officers  2017-2018

Director – Aaron Ashby

Assistant Director – Jerrod Klein
Treasurer – Sandi Taylor
Sargent At Arms – Rob Branson
Chaplin – Charles “Corky” Warren
Road Captain – Mike Hoffman

4th Thursday – 7 pm